Difficult, But Not Impossible

I see the scar on your arm, from a vaccination so many, many years ago, round and hollow, and I put my finger on it and press, as though it were a button. You hold me tighter, the both of us hidden from sight in the tall grass, and for the moment I forget where […]

Metaphysical Gravity

I have a new story out today, included as part of a collection featuring Angela Amman, Mandy Dawson and Cameron D. Garriepy. Allow me to quote the publisher’s description: “Love is metaphysical gravity.” R. Buckminster Fuller A force beyond reason and the laws of nature, love draws us together in many ways. In these four […]

The Cartography of Desire

I started to write about this:   The rain, pouring like a waterfall. Me in the yard, wearing nothing but a red sweater, sodden and heavy, leaving one shoulder bare and me naked below the waist. You on the porch, dry hands on the wooden railing, unable to look away. I’m cold in the wet […]


If it were 1976, the wastebasket by my desk would be filled to overflow with balled up and discarded bits of paper, torn from my typewriter and pitched without a second thought. I’m terrible with beginnings, you see. Everyone has something. What I do when I’m starting a new project is to put my fingers […]

Jonathan Maberry Interview

There is an exceptional interview with the author Jonathan Maberry over at the Smashwords.com blog, which I highly recommend. It’s very insightful and has some helpful advice on how to succeed in the self-publishing world, as well as some good stuff about publishing in general. Also, he’s apparently has about ten million things in print […]

Before Dawn

He sits across the table from her, the only light coming dimly from the three candles on the other side of the room. The room is sparsely furnished, only the table and the two chairs, and the thick candles stand upright on their bases on the hardwood floor. He doesn’t remember how he came to […]

Public Service Announcement

For the month of July, all of my published work is up for sale over at Smashwords for the mind-boggling price of FREE! I point this out both to let you know that, for the rest of the month, you can get FREE STUFF from me (did I mention that it’s FREE?) and also to […]

The Artistic Process

“Oh my God,” Bez says from in my kitchen. “Have you been eating anything that isn’t bad for you?” I am on the sofa, in grimy sweat pants and a T-shirt I’ve been wearing for three days straight. “I’ve been writing. Nutrition wasn’t important. Productivity was.” “You’re living like a homeless person.” “I wasn’t living […]


Want to know why I haven’t had any time or energy to touch this blog in the past week or two? This is why: Glad that’s done! Now I can get back to doing other things in life again, like going outside or not wanting to stab myself! Want a copy? I know you do! […]

A Fan Letter

Attention, friends and readers: a wonderful author that I know of, who isn’t giving me any kickbacks in any which way to tell you this, has just published a collection of short stories that I am absolutely certain that you’ll love– Wilderness: A Collection of Dark Tales, by Elizabeth Yon. She is a fantastic writer, […]