It’s An Honor to Just Be Nominated…

Because everyone likes a little positive reinforcement from time to time, I find it quite wonderful to see that I have been nominated twice over at for their “Writer of the Month” contest, for my little stories The Claw End and Alpha and Omega.

I never win anything, but the possibility still makes my toes curl, because I’m just that nerdy, really.

Obviously, you should all go over there and vote for me, yes?

Because that would just be swell!


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  1. Congrats! I’ve randomly submitted a couple of times, but I’m just a newbie to all this. You’re an engaging writer. You deserve to be nominated.

    One part about that whole thing troubles me, though: “…nominees are encouraged to rally for votes…” Ugh. Is it about good writing or popular cliques?

    Meh. What do I know? I’m just a caveman.

    Best wishes. You have talent, so if it’s based on that…

    • Kameko

       /  April 2, 2012

      Thanks for the encouraging words! I appreciate it very much.

      I’m not really good at the whole rallying the troops thing, so I’m just going to sit back over here and let whatever is going to happen just happen.

      It’s just nice that people are enjoying my writing!

  2. I know what you mean. I hope you don’t take this wrong, but I’ve noticed the blogging/writing world to be fairly insular. It reminds me of my old clubbing days, when there were far more women than men packed in a place, and women were mostly dressed up for each other’s sake. Not so much for the men. *sly grin*

    But to continue stretching the metaphor, I think it is more about finding the ones in the crowd that you resonate with, more so than trying to be the most popular person in the room. As I said, you dance well, so it is just a matter of tenacity and time. Cheers…

    • Kameko

       /  April 2, 2012

      What I do is this: write for myself, and if other people like it, then that’s a bonus. If not, at least I still do.

      Please yourself first!

  3. Reiko Komachi

     /  April 3, 2012

    Luckily, it’s not actually the popularity contest it appears to be. This is more a tip of the hat to pieces that struck the person editing them.

    Don’t get me started on bloggers, comments, validation sickness, or entitlement. My pedantry is no fun at all.

    I’m proud of you.

    • Kameko

       /  April 3, 2012

      You see? By pleasing you, I am pleasing me…

      It’s a wonderful circle, I must say.

  4. Reiko, thank you. It really is just a way for us to interact, make things interesting and fun; a way to give thanks to our writers for captivating us. We’ve always been so adamant that none of what we do is about competition and never, ever about votes or popularity or anything else that sucks. We’re here because we want to keep people writing without fear and be completely certain that we’re *not* about popularity. Take risks with us, challenge yourself, challenge each other, meet new people, read new things, inspire yourself and others, introduce each other to other writing challenges…whatever you do, just keep writing. The “rally your people” thing was my fault – I didn’t want anyone to get huffy and think we’re insular. It’s not just our voice as Editors that matters, we listen and it’s not just one-sided. That’s all I was going for and if I missed the mark, I apologize. That wasn’t my intent. I started the site because cliques and popularity started getting in the way of great writing and I thought it would be cool to have a corner of our own where no one cared about that shit. We’ve always just been about the writing and we just want to help. One of the biggest reasons I deliberately removed myself from social media and the internet in general was so I could be absolutely certain I have no bias. If there’s something I’m or we’re not doing to make people feel like they matter, I want to know so I can change it.

    Anyway. I didn’t come here to say all that – it is none of my business what people think about me or the community as a whole. Popularity is stupid and meaningless; I can’t say it plainer than that.

    Kameko, I came here to read more of you because March sped by me and my first chance to read you was during all the nomination stuff. You are a treasure. Your writing is truly brilliant, inspired and inspiring. I read two pieces of your work so far and they both leave me wanting more. I also wanted to thank you. Your writing doesn’t just raise the bar, it shoots it through the roof. I’m honored *anyone* chooses to write with us and we try to make that apparent, but your writing just blows me away. You have an ardent fan in me and I hope you keep writing with us. You make me want to write harder, so if nothing else you have my personal gratitude. Just…wow. Incredible. If you ever leave the IIWC, I hope you will tell me where to find you. đŸ™‚

    • You have made me all blushing and digging my toe in the dirt over here! I am so much better at handing out compliments than taking them, so excuse me while I get all goofy and stupid.

      Aside from that, I’m having a blast over at IndieInk, so don’t think of me leaving it any time in the near future. I like seeing what everyone else is writing, and the challenges are a good break for me when the other stuff I’m working on makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Besides, I’ve gotten some good ideas from the challenges I’ve had already that I’m planning on expanding into longer pieces than would be appropriate over there, so it’s like a double bonus for me in the end!

      And if my writing is making you want to step it up, your writing does the same for me, so this is a situation that can only end in mutual insanity. Or a Pulitzer Prize. One or the other.

      And now I am going to eat a donut.

      Just because I can.


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