Sargasso Sea

There is a girl on the beach, nine or ten years old, who reminds me of myself at that age. Her hair is cut in the same pageboy, her face carries the same mixed look of seriousness and wonder. She stands in the sand at the edge of the continent and lets the water wash […]

The Fog of Forward Momentum

This photo of Laura, found between the pages of an old book, put there by me what..? Almost twenty years ago? Placed in between pages 180 and 181 of Little, Big, a John Crowley novel. The page numbers don’t matter, I think. I wasn’t using it for a bookmark, after all. The photo paper is […]

Snapping Turtles

I’m having a dream, and I’m uncertain if it’s a good one or a bad one. In my dream is a man I used to know, a man named Reed. In real life and in the dream, Reed’s body was wormed through with cancer. In my dream, he was alive. In reality, he’s been dead […]

Wen and Big Sur

I spent three weeks once living in an old silver Airstream trailer, near a beach in Big Sur, with a woman named Wen. I was nineteen and newly single, after my near-marriage to Christian came crashing down like a thirty-ton block of ice from the face of a glacier, and so I did what only […]