Category: In My House

  • Caledonia

    The last time I saw Juteau cry was in October. Truthfully, I didn’t see her crying, but I saw the aftereffects: the smear of mascara trailing like dirty rainwater down the side of an abandoned building, the eyes as red as a desert sunset. She didn’t want to talk about it, and I didn’t want […]

  • A Shadowed Patience

    Here now, at three in the morning, I find a whisker on the floor outside of Juteau’s room, laying parallel to her door, like a black line drawn on the old hard wood. I bend to pick it up, and I can hear a sound beneath the deep breathing of the sleeping Juteau on the […]

  • Frames

    Bez watches me from the pillow next to mine, all freckles and burgundy hair and lips which taste like a cool autumn night. There is a stray eyelash on her cheek, and I wet my finger with the tip of my tongue before touching it against her skin. The eyelash comes away with my finger. […]

  • Mermaid’s Tail

    Juteau is sleepwalking again, the first time I’ve seen her do it since her uncle died. She comes downstairs and into the living room where I am laying on the sofa reading. I am invisible to her, and I pull my legs back before she sits on them. Her eyes are open and focused on […]

  • Fearless

    She whispers her name in my ear, while Bez sleeps beside me and Juteau stalks the house in her sleep: Sabina. The scent of eucalyptus faintly slips through the air as she leans near to me. I can feel her breath as she whispers, cool like fog, and I turn my head in her direction, […]

  • A Tiger In the Hollow of the Throat

    There is a tiger in my house, stalking through the halls. He is thick and terrible and the color of snow on ice.  He smells of spice, hot spice that stings the eyes and burns the back of the throat. He crawled out of my bathtub two nights ago, dripping water all across the small […]

  • Illumination

    “I want to tell you a secret,” Bez whispers in my ear. “We don’t have any secrets,” I say softly. “We just have things we haven’t told one another yet.” We are in my bed, which honestly has become our bed over the past few weeks. Juteau still occupies the guest room, when she’s not […]

  • Undiscoverable In the Atlas of Love

    Bez reads over my shoulder as I work on a story in progress. She is the only person who is allowed to do that. No one else can see a piece until it’s done. I like to present a finished work to the world, and not let them see the nails and tape and bits […]

  • Popcorn

    Bez and Juteau have decided that we are to watch the entirety of my film collection, from The Abyss to Zombieland “We need a project,” Bez says. “Something to take our mind off men and things.” “Especially things,” Juteau says. “There’s hundreds of movies here,” I say. “This is a pretty big project.” “I’ve got […]

  • The Scent of Ghosts

    I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and find Juteau sleeping in the purple tub. Her hair is draped over the back of it, and it hangs in dark waves over the porcelain. She breathes softly and her eyelids twitch as I slip into the room, but she […]