“I don’t feel lonely when I look at the sea,” Finch says. She shades her eyes with her hand and looks out over the Pacific. “I think about all the people who have sailed on it, all the places they’ve seen, and that fills me up.” “The seas are rising,” I say. “They’re going to […]

Believing or Seeing

Finch tells me: The man sits at the table against the wall, the one that always fills last because it is under the air conditioning vent, and is almost always either too hot or too cold, depending on the season of the year. He is unremarkable to look at–black-rimmed glasses, black jeans, a brown leather […]


I haven’t been able to get my head in the rewriting game today while at home, and so I’ve gathered up my things and walked down to the coffee shop for a change of scenery. It’s too easy to get distracted in my own space sometimes, and I find that putting myself into a noisy […]