Yesterday’s Fifth

The old man raised his empty glass in the direction of the barman, and in a few moments, the waitress had brought him another beer. “Put it on me tab, love,” he said, his Scouse accent standing out like a naked man in the Sistine Chapel, Iowa being as far from Merseyside as to be […]

The Claw End

It’s hard to concentrate. It could be the alcohol, or it could be the lack of drugs. It could also be the blood loss, or really any combination of the three. I fold myself in half at the waist, my arms behind my back. It’s hard to stay upright, and I’m swaying slightly, left, right, […]

Alpha and Omega

This is not vengeance that I deliver unto the world. It is the inevitable full stop at the end of the species’ paragraph in the book of history. Inevitable. Quite accurate, that word. The end of mankind has been foretold by thousands of people over hundreds of centuries. Eventually, someone had to get it right. […]