In fifteen minutes, I will be in bed. This day has been one of those which must just be gotten through. I’ve been walking uphill ever since I got up this morning, and nothing has gotten me out of this state of mind which I find myself. Men can be so irritating. I hate feeling […]


What I want to write about is mundane, completely and utterly typical. I want to tell how I was out this evening and saw the Cheese Man outside a restaurant, in the shadows between the streetlights, doing with a woman the very same thing he had been doing with me the other night, and how […]

On the Porch In Stockings

Here is the place that he kissed me, on the lips, and then here again on my cheek, and then here again on the side of my neck, where just below the skin my pulse beat and beat quicker and quicker as his mouth moved over me. There was a roar in my ears like […]

The Cheese Man

Is this what I should wear now, these stockings and garters and a thin coating of embarrassment that I can feel just barely covering me, light and airy and almost not there at all, just noticeable enough to make me wonder if I can dress this way without feeling ridiculous and whorish and beautiful and […]