A Sleepless Night

I am very sleepy today, and all the coffee in the world isn’t going to help, I think. The Kitchen God looks on disapprovingly as I brew some anyway. “Be quiet,” I say to him. “I don’t want to hear it.” He remains silent, but I know what he’s thinking. Jealous, fickle Kitchen God. I […]

Believing or Seeing

Finch tells me: The man sits at the table against the wall, the one that always fills last because it is under the air conditioning vent, and is almost always either too hot or too cold, depending on the season of the year. He is unremarkable to look at–black-rimmed glasses, black jeans, a brown leather […]

The More Things Change…

The smell of bacon cooking wakes me. I roll out of bed and wrap myself in my robe, then go downstairs to the kitchen to see what magic is being worked. “Good morning,” Nikola says as I walk in. He is standing over the stove, bacon in a pan, eggs already on plates on the […]

A Mysterious Key

There is a key on the kitchen counter this morning, where none was when I got into bed last night. I ask Bez about it. “I have no idea where it came from,” she says. “I thought you put it there.” I turn to the Kitchen God. “Did you put this here?” Of course he […]

Storming the Ramparts

I am being attacked today at every turn, an endless onslaught that is wearing and tearing me down, making me think that perhaps I should have just stayed in bed and not even bothered with the day at all. That might have been for the best. I’m not storming a castle, by any means, or […]

On the Porch In Stockings

Here is the place that he kissed me, on the lips, and then here again on my cheek, and then here again on the side of my neck, where just below the skin my pulse beat and beat quicker and quicker as his mouth moved over me. There was a roar in my ears like […]

The Kitchen God

I am building a god in my kitchen, piece by piece. His legs are old rusty kitchen tongs, the sort used for lifting ice blocks in the days before electric refrigerators. He is bowlegged, and his feet are sharp and full of tetanus. When he walks across the counters, he leaves scratches in the formica. […]