The Nereid

This is what I want to show you, this right here: Bez, standing barefoot in the sand, her skirt hiked up mid-thigh as the cold and ceaselessly slipping waves splash against her legs, as the sun turns more and more orange and red as it slips lower and lower below the horizon, as I sit on the concrete wall overlooking her and the water and the sun and I am chilled by the wind coming in off the Pacific, but I don’t once wish that I had a jacket, because there is nothing about this day that I would want to change in any way.

Sometimes, perfection is right there in front of you.

You just have to have the mindfulness to see it.

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  1. You know how I love your Bez.

    • Kameko

       /  May 9, 2012

      Oh, I do know.

      You two would get up to unspeakable trouble were you to ever hook up.


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