Out of Balance

They are beautiful earrings, silver spirals hanging from my earlobes, long and delicate strands of metal. They nearly brush against the tops of my shoulders. I both love them and hate them.

Nikola is gone.

He says he will return, and these earrings are his promise of that.

Promises are nothing new to me. They are handed out like fortune cookies after dinner. They are frequently as disposable as the papers within.

He has a plane ride to Europe.

I have beautiful and perhaps ultimately disposable earrings.

Something so small balanced against something so large.









4 responses to “Out of Balance”

  1. Bianca Avatar

    If that rogue breaks your heart, at least you have the earrings. You can’t pawn a promise, after all.

    1. Kameko Avatar

      I’ll send them to you, if it comes to that.

      I wouldn’t want to profit off them if that comes to pass.

  2. Bran Mac Feabhail Avatar
    Bran Mac Feabhail

    I am sorry to hear it 🙁

    …but if they are pretty, you should keep the earrings.

    1. Kameko Avatar

      They are in a cup in the cupboard at the moment.

      There they will remain for the time being.

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